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Brexit negotiation a matter of ‘trust’, says Hunt

Leadership frontrunner Boris Johnson challenges the foreign secretary to commit to a Halloween departure from the EU

Appeal for male blood donors as numbers giving blood fall by a quarter

Emily Pringle met one of the donors whose blood helped save her life after car crash that ruptured artery

As an NHS doctor, this is my diagnosis of May’s premiership

She exits, but the harsh reality of austerity remains

The shortage of nurses could have dire consequences

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Victor Hill Does the Conservative Party know what it’s for any more?

Historically, Conservatism was built on four pillars, says Victor Hill in new book ‘Will the Tory Party Ever Be the Same?’ – but they have been eroded thanks to the EU 

Free sanitary products are to be given to schoolgirls in Wales

Move designed to tackle ‘period poverty’ and follows reports some girls have been missing school because they cannot afford tampons

Last year was worst on record for A&E waiting times, NHS figures show

The data is the worst since figures were first collated in 2004