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Labour MPs warned any Johnson Brexit deal will be 'right wing dream'

It ‘would be the culmination of a decade-long project which is of the right, by the right and for the right’, Tom Watson tells colleagues

No-deal Brexit may ‘exacerbate’ NHS staffing crisis, think tanks warn

Groups warn of potential healthcare complications as chancellor announces £210m boost for NHS training in England

'Nine in 10' anaesthetic and child intensive care consultants fatigued

Nearly 45 per cent admitted to having had a car accident or near-miss while commuting in a tired state

NHS boss paid more than £400k while suspended from two different jobs

Second time in five years George Thomson kept NHS wages while absent during investigation

AI may be the future of radiology

Experts are testing how well artificial intelligence algorithms compare with human expertise by providing secure access to anonymised clinical data

Women, infertility isn’t your fault – don’t be exploited

The ‘fertility drip’ marketed at a busy shopping centre included zinc, a mineral directly related to sperm mobility. Why is it contained in a fertility product marketed at women? 

IVF clinics are exploiting the desperation of people like me

Preying on the vulnerability of someone so desperate for a child that they are getting into debt and on the brink of a mental health crisis is nothing short of criminal