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Patrick Cockburn The firebrand cleric who may have crushed Iraq’s protest movement

The Shia cleric is a political chameleon who has survived decades of national turmoil, Patrick Cockburn writes, but his controversial career shows that reforming a corrupt and dysfunctional government is near impossible

Iran’s coronavirus outbreak is reminiscent of the Black Death

I doubt if the cruel story of Middle Eastern contagion counts for much in the White House, or among the Sunni monarchs of the Gulf. But its spread is of a speed that past generations in the Middle East would understand

Long Reads

Robert Fisk History holds the clues to the Lebanese revolution

The lack of national solidarity, the devotion to sectarianism, the ceaseless squabbling for power, the abuse and corruption... Robert Fisk on the deep-seated and historical obstacles that have prevented the country from becoming a modern state

Long Reads

Patrick Cockburn The assassination of Soleimani shows the power of political killings

Qasem Soleimani’s killing signals a tearing up of the rulebook and a return to a lawless time where leaders are vulnerable to attack at any moment, writes Patrick Cockburn

US officials distorted statistics to mislead public about Afghan war

An 18-year, trillion-dollar conflict was known to be failing from an early stage. This knowledge was concealed from the public. Craig Whitlock explains what has been going on behind closed doors

How protests sparked a movement among disabled Arab women like me

I could go on and on about the number of activists and initiatives that have sprung up since 2011, which isn’t something I thought I could confidently say just a few years ago

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Ahmed Aboudouh Netanyahu’s dangerous gamble with peace in the Middle East

Continuing his weekly series about the complexities of the Middle East, Ahmed Aboudouh looks at Israel’s controversial plan to annex the Jordan Valley

The drone attack in Saudi Arabia highlights its rift with the UAE

The Saudis are under no illusion that they will win the Yemen war. They, along with the Emiratis, have long concluded that the war is unwinnable, and have been looking for a way out