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Everything you need to know about civil partnerships

From Monday 2 December, mixed-sex couples can register their intent for a civil partnership

Adele Parks recalls 'romantic gesture' when husband took her surname

She calls her husband's decision 'crazily romantic, powerful and strong' 

Oprah says she has 'no regrets' for choosing not to marry or have kids

Talk show host says charitable work helps 'fill maternal fold'

Jennifer Lopez says her first two marriages don't 'really count'

Entertainer engaged to former pro baseball player Alex Rodriguez 

Study maps the age you’re most likely to experience major life events

One third of respondents only keep social media profiles to preserve memories

Shane MacGowan marries Victoria May Clarke after 32 years together

Ceremony reportedly included a performance by MacGowan's longtime friend Depp

Hailey Baldwin appears to confirm marriage to Justin Bieber

The couple announced their engagement in July this year