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Common interview: ‘Black people are not afforded the room to be human’

Exclusive: The Chicago hip-hop legend speaks with Roisin O’Connor about his new album ‘Let Love’, racism, his relationships with women – and how he came to terms with a forgotten childhood trauma

Editors' letters

Joel Dimmock Why the impact of news stories can be so hard to predict

Some articles rattle cages the moment they’re published, others uplift readers. But sometimes, for a number of reasons, they have such reach that you can almost touch the effects

Cold Pursuit has worst opening for Liam Neeson action film since 1990

It’s also the worst opening for any wide release starring Neeson since 2010, when ‘The Next Three Days’, which also starred Russell Crowe, opened to $6.5m

As a black man, I know Neeson's past reflects many people's thoughts

For years black men have been portrayed as dangerous, untrustworthy and angry – and many of us are responsible for perpetuating that idea

The story of a woman’s trauma is not Liam Neeson’s to tell

It is not the right or responsibility of a white man to appropriate the pain of a woman he knows as a teaching moment for himself or other white men

Liam Neeson trolled for appearing in pro-choice advert

The advert is accused of being 'creepy', 'disgusting' and 'anti-Catholic'