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Has John Wick been Neo from The Matrix the entire time?

Exciting theory resurfaces following set video of new sequel

Is Keanu Reeves a hero just for dating a woman (almost) his own age?

The actor’s girlfriend, artist Alexandra Grant, is 46 and unabashedly looks it, her naturally greying hair left undyed. She is in appearance an adult woman: a sight rarely seen on a red carpet in Los Angeles

Keanu Reeves is the new face of Saint Laurent

'This is the best thing to happen in fashion'

The action-packed trailer for John Wick 3 is here

The director previously teased: 'It will be a nice completion to Mr Wick’s journey'

47 Ronin review: Keanu Reeves struggles to give feeling and meaning to

Based on a Japanese legend, this is a big-budget sword-and-sorcery fantasy which combines tremendous action sequences with utterly leaden plotting and dialogue.

Free market has turned us into 'Matrix' drones

Ha-Joon Chang, the new kid on the economics block, is out to bust open a few myths