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Kim Sengupta Soleimani’s death leaves US power in Middle East weakened

General Moghadam, who fought alongside Soleimani, tells Kim Sengupta that many groups across the region wanted revenge after the commander’s death

I worked for Johnson. He is making mistakes over Middle East policy

The flow of oil between the United Kingdom and the Middle East will never be two-way, but the transfer of knowledge can be

Iran-linked hackers impersonate journalists in email scam

Concerns over cyber-threat from the republic are high in wake of Soleimani killing

How the Iran nuclear deal dispute mechanism works

Iran said it could quit the global nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty if European countries refer it to the UN security council for scaling back its commitments under its 2015 nuclear pact with world powers, which the United States quit in 2018.

Iran warns it will exit global nuclear weapons pact if referred to UN

Move comes in response to UK, France and Germany triggering nuclear deal dispute clause 

After Trump’s silence over Soleimani, the UK faces an awkward dilemma

It was embarrassing, even humiliating, that the British prime minister was not given notice of the American assassination of the Iranian general

Editor’s letters

Oliver Carroll Iran’s admission of guilt has put Russia in a tight spot

It is five and a half years ago that flight MH17 crashed over the Donbass. Evidence pointed to the Russian military. But any parallels with last week’s air crash ended when Iran admitted its guilt