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Four tips on how to turn your garden into a wildlife haven

Turn a still, too-manicured garden into an oasis of flora and fauna

Food poisoning cases could surge as climate change brings flies

Insects expected to fare well under global warming as many other insect species are wiped out by intensive agriculture

Insects 'could die out within a century', scientists warn

Agricultural pesticides, pollution and climate change wiping out species at 'alarming' rate, according to global scientific review

Flies enjoy having sex and will resort to alcohol if they can’t get it

Unusual experiment could provide insights into addiction to rewarding substances

Unlocking the mystery of how insects got their wings

Hundreds of millions of years ago, two tissues fused to form wings on ancient beetles, according to the findings of a genetic experiment

UK conker trees under threat from alien invading moths as scientists

Experts say there simply aren’t enough wasps to keep the horse chestnut-munching moths at bay