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Labour MP Abrahams denied entry to India and 'treated like criminal'

Debbie Abrahams has been a vocal critic of Modi administration's human rights record in Muslim-majority Kashmir

Chef jailed for life for 'vicious' murder of wife and two daughters

Mohammed Abdul Shakur had repeatedly been violent towards his wife and did not like their children much because they were not boys

Five-year-old girl raped inside US embassy compound in India

Child rapists face death penalty in India under a 2018 change to law

This is life under the longest internet shutdown in history

More than seven million Kashmiri people have been without internet since August – and the New Delhi government shows no sign of backing down

India's top court rules ban on internet in Kashmir 'unconstitutional'

'Freedom of Internet access is a fundamental right,' says Supreme Court justice

Woman set on fire on way to court by men she accused of raping her

Doctors say she has sustained burns to 90 per cent of her body and is in critical condition

Delhi trains rough sleepers in mobile repair to get them off streets

The Independent is looking at how cities around the world tackle homelessness as part of its Christmas appeal