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India’s bird populations ‘declining sharply’, research shows

Country’s national bird bucks trend, but 101 species now of ‘high concern’

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Adam Withnall Why India’s Muslims fear becoming ‘refugees in their own country’

As the largest mass protest in more than forty years grips India, Adam Withnall speaks to the activists, women and children caught up in the country’s citizenship crisis and fighting to save their nation

Beer and brandy gushes from kitchen taps, shocking residents

Families astonished to find alcohol pouring out of taps

Girl found alive after being buried in snow for 18 hours

'I thought I would die there,' says 12-year-old found by rescuers

Newborn baby ‘mauled to death’ in operating theatre by stray dogs

Hospital claims baby was stillborn, but police and family say child was alive and just hours old when animals entered an open window

Woman shot in face ‘because she stopped dancing’ at wedding in India

'Shots will be fired,' man's voice is heard saying before a gunshot is heard in a video of the incident

India rape victim dies after being ‘burned alive by gang of men’

Country’s latest case of violence against woman in past fortnight