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Who is the firm contracted by the Home Office to process UK visas?

The Dubai-based firm handles some of the most sensitive personal data held by dozens of governments around the world, including the bulk of UK visa applications – but it remains largely unknown

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Our immigration detention policy is rightly attacked from all sides

Editorial: If Mr Johnson is to be consistent, he needs also to bring his more enlightened approach to the detention centres

Government immigration plan will have 'devastating' impact, Khan warns

Exclusive: London mayor demands rethink of 'flawed' plans for cutting low-skilled migration 

Immigration centre probe must be able to compel witnesses, court rules

‘There is a real risk amounting to an overwhelming probability that former G4S staff will not attend voluntarily to give evidence’

Trump accidentally reveals details of 'secret' Mexico immigration deal

Press photographs allow reporters to read parts of agreement

Trump administration 'wanted to release migrants in sanctuary cities'

Nancy Pelosi's district in San Francisco among areas White House wanted to target, according to Department of Homeland Security sources 

Stephen Miller's uncle blasts Trump's 'demonising' immigration policy

David Glosser has said his nephew is a 'hypocrite' who ought to know better