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Why I’m still haunted by the experience of gaining UK citizenship

The outsourcing of visa services represents a step backwards in a broken institution. Without a culture shift, people's experiences will continue to be lined with profiteering and disarray, writes Rosie Urbanovich  

Editor’s letters

Kuba Shand-Baptiste How our Alien Nation series changes the narrative on UK immigration

With informative, accessible pieces from across the spectrum, Alien Nation, the Voices desk’s latest series, aims to facilitate the kinds of discussions many of us have been craving, writes Kuba Shand-Baptiste  

New immigration rules could cause care work ‘black hole’, warns union

No exemption for migrant care workers from demand for £25,600 minimum salary threshold

Migrant, lawyer, fighter: The many faces of Austria’s justice minister

Alma Zadic arrived in Vienna from Bosnia when she was 10. Now, she is the justice minister in an awkward coalition of liberal Greens and hardline anti-immigrant conservatives. Katrin Bennhold meets her

Tory ex-minister denounces immigration plans as 'dog-whistle politics'

Unions and industry raise fears over access to vital staff under Priti Patel's scheme

Mexican man slits own throat at US border after being denied entry

Man dies just metres from international dividing line, officials say

Long Bailey says immigration does not cut wages and would use Trident

'If you have a deterrent you have to be prepared to use it' says leftwinger - after outgoing leader refused to say he would fire Trident