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Mohammad Zaheer As a student, I’m not angry at the university staff going on strike

Many of the staff I have spoken to are extremely apologetic about the disruption, but feel they have been left with no other choice, writes Mohammad Zaheer

Oxford and Cambridge have fewer than 3% poor white students

‘We need to do more to eliminate variability across the sector’

Students feel pressured to pick university over work, survey claims

Two-thirds of respondents say teachers urged them to go into higher education

Financial adviser: Fate of your career is 'no longer about a degree'

'The notion of going to university and emerging at age 22 with a degree in a field and an expertise that you’re going to engage in for the rest of your working career is gone'

Claims students have created free speech crisis were ‘exaggerated'

'The report into free speech at universities has uncovered that there is no crisis of student censorship on campuses. It really is much ado about nothing'

Hard Brexit could be 'biggest disaster' for UK universities in years

Experts in the higher education sector gather for hearing on the implications of Brexit on the industry, follows months of concern from top academics and education leaders

Brexit could push UK universities 'off a cliff edge', report warns

A fall in the number of EU and international students choosing to study in the UK as a result of Brexit could cost economy more than £690m per year, says Education Committee chair