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I exposed the Mid Staffs hospital scandal, and fear it happening again

It's been ten years since the inquiry into the scandal – and I'm unsure how much the government have learned

As a former advisor to Matt Hancock, I know our NHS needs joining up

The big challenge for the government remains that no quick fix is available

Parents urged to take kids for flu jabs or face ‘Christmas to forget’

Children are 'super spreaders' of flu during holiday season, warns NHS national medical director

Long Reads

Mick O’Hare Can the trillions of bacteria sharing our bodies help to cure disease?

And can they help our understanding of human disease? Mick O’Hare speaks to scientists about the good bugs, the bad bugs and the new discoveries that make up our microbiome

The evidence tells us to decriminalise drugs. But voters will decide

Despite optimism over a more compassionate approach, many people continue to view problems with drugs as purely self-inflicted rather than a response to trauma or loss of hope

Lioness and Chelsea FC player syncs training schedule with period

‘It can affect you so much, whether it’s your coordination or your reaction time’

Drinking tea may be good for your brain, according to new study

Individuals who drank tea four times a week for about 25 years had more efficient brain function