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Insomniacs may be at greater risk of heart failure, study finds

Data from more than 1m people examined by researchers from UK and Sweden

Do you actually care about the record number of drug-related deaths?

It’s tempting to blame politicians but they instinctively follow public opinion rather than shape it. The uncomfortable truth might be that we, the electorate, are ultimately responsible

The government telling us to get more sleep is shockingly hypocritical

I am in favour of all of us doing what we can to look after ourselves, but there are limits to what is practical, especially since feeling stressed, powerless or of little worth may also get in the way of self-care

25 products that will help you get fitter and healthier this summer

From apps to water bottles, these products will help you reach your fitness goals

Dating app users ‘more likely to suffer from eating disorders’

'There is a need to further understand how dating apps influence health behaviours and outcomes'

Burnout is now a recognised condition – here's why that matters

Formal recognition of this insidious epidemic is a small victory, but a significant one for women

The pros and cons of compulsory vaccinations

Measles was nearly eradicated in the west before the rise of the anti-vaxxers trend. How far should governments go to quell the measles threat, asks Tom Solomon

Exercise during pregnancy protects children from obesity, study finds

New research suggests lack of exercise in healthy women during pregnancy can predispose their children to obesity