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Andrew Scott left ‘shaken' after accidentally shooting prop gun

Actor also experienced prop difficulties on the set of war epic 1917

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Andy Martin The literary critic who fell in love with Cleopatra

America’s venerable critic has just celebrated his 89th birthday and he’s still teaching, albeit by Skype. Andy Martin talks to him about his life and writing and discovers Bloom’s body might be failing but his mind is sharper than ever – and still treasuring the moment he fell in love with actress Janet Suzman

Critics claims 'commercial' Game of Thrones fans are ruining theatre

Richard Jordan's remarks for The Stage have been branded elitist by those wanting to encourage younger audiences into the theatre, but many theatregoers agree with him

A leap forward for gender-blind casting

Directors are rapidly accelerating a fascinating movement in theatre, says David Lister

Another Queen Liz? Hurley cast in pilot for American drama about

Hurley will play a fictional Queen who is mourning the death of her son

Heads Up: Michael Frayn Season

From the West End to've been Frayn-ed!

The pick of Christmas television: How to make the most of your holiday

It's not just the return of Edina and Patsy – there's Downton, the Doctor, and Dickens. Gerard Gilbert presents his pick of the seasonal small screen