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Murder probe launched into death of baby girl in London

Sixteen-month-old died four days after falling unwell 

Great Ormond Street Hospital returns money to Presidents Club

Disgusted charities vow to refuse any donations from Presidents Club Trust

Duchess of Cambridge opens new facility at Great Ormond Street

Campaign raised an extraordinary £3.5m towards the construction of medical facility’s new Alligator Ward for children with heart problems

Parents appeal High Court ruling to turn off sick son's life support

Nine-month-old has rare genetic condition that causes progressive muscle weakness

New pig organ stem cell transplant to help save babies' lives

Around 10 children born with an incomplete oesophagus to receive pioneering new treatment

Libby can be treated in her own home, thanks to GOSH’s outreach scheme

Libby was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at birth and needs regular intravenous antibiotics and check-ups to monitor her lung function

A ward sister reveals the qualities needed by a nurse at GOSH

'You can’t stop yourself being upset – if you stop being upset that’s when you have to stop doing the job'