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How filmmakers created the riotous warehouse rave in Beats

For his bittersweet new film, Brian Welsh needed to authentically depict the Nineties rave scene – and the only way to do that was to invite thousands of extras to a real-life warehouse party, writes Liam Turbett

‘IRA’ claims responsibility for London and Glasgow letter bombs

Statement says five bombs sent, but only four have been recovered

Domestic abusers 'could be let off hook by trials in alcohol court'

Lead domestic abuse organisation in Scotland warns it could exacerbate the problem of domestic abuse

Bike for Good: the social enterprise getting Glasgow cycling

Bike for Good is one of several organisations working towards the Scottish government's target of making 10 per cent of journeys by bike by 2020

The stock exchange for goods and skills in Glasgow

The exchange rate will change according to supply and demand

Morrissey fans 'walk out of show' after singer mocks Nicola Sturgeon

Controversial singer elicited screams and boos from the audience after making a joke about the Scottish first minister

First UK live music census warns of threats to small venues

Researchers found about a third of small music venues were experiencing problems with property developers