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Revisiting Tarantino’s quickly forgotten Broadway debut

Twenty-one years ago, Quentin Tarantino took the starring role in a Broadway play, and was promptly annihilated for it. Now, as Tarantino plots his retirement from filmmaking, Adam White revisits a long-forgotten pop culture mystery

The 30 best romantic comedy movies, ranked

Filled with weddings, sardonic best friends and an abundance of Julia Roberts, these are the greatest romantic comedies of all time – ranked by Adam White from 30 to 1

Britain could strike back against Brunei’s horrific new laws

Why has the sultan implemented the penal code now, in the face of international outrage?

Brunei anti-LGBT+ laws come into effect as sultan addresses public

Sharia code brings in punishments of amputation or death for offences including adultery, sodomy, robbery and rape

Movies You Might Have Missed: George Clooney's Confessions of a Danger

The Hollywood star's directorial debut stars Sam Rockwell as game show host Chuck Barris, as well as Julia Roberts and Drew Barrymore who agreed to lower their salaries to $250,000 as a favour to their friend

Here are the surprising first movie roles of 27 A-list actors

It's hard to take notice of every side character who wanders into a movie. It would ruin the experience if you did.

Money Monster star George Clooney and wife Amal buy £10k 'love' boat

The renovations to the A-list couple’s Sonning home have cost in the region of £20 million and they have added a love boat for trips down the Thames.