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9 best high-end laptops that excel in performance and design

A pricier machine can offer more power, features and battery life for gaming and video editing

Female gamer dropped by sponsor for tweeting 'men are trash'

'I post photos every day and the majority of the comments are offensive or sexualising'

Missing YouTuber Etika has been found dead

He had voiced suicidal thoughts in a clip which has since been removed by YouTube

Fortnite cheats on YouTube spark Epic Games lawsuit

YouTube personalities Golden Modz and Exentric offer 'magical powers' that allegedly serve as cheats for Season 6 of the game

Kirstie Allsopp's iPad smashing draws attention to Fortnite addiction

The World Health Organisation recognised video game addiction as a disorder earlier this year

New gold PlayStation 4 Slim ‘will launch next week’

The leaked picture looks legitimate, though it doesn’t give away any pricing details