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France grinds to standstill amid paralysing national strikes

‘What we’ve got to do is shut the economy down,’ union boss says. ‘People are spoiling for a fight’

Brexit will ultimately destabilise Europe, historians fear

Exclusive: ‘Extremely disturbing’ that UK election debate ignoring continental cohesion, experts warn amid rising concern about potential for ethno-nationalist violence, writes David Keys

Mali helicopter crash kills 13 French troops

Soldiers were travelling to support ground forces fighting Islamist militants

Nine killed in flooding across France, Greece and Italy

Search continues for potential elevated highway collapse victims

In Paris, art snobbery has reached a new low

I ask one of the exhibition staff where the Mona Lisa is. She shrugs, in that particular Gallic way. ‘Upstairs’

Man arrested after shots fired at Mosque in Bayonne, France

Suspected gunman reportedly a former candidate of Marine Le Pen's right-wing National Rally party, according to police sources.

Trump called Egypt president 'my favourite dictator', report says

Mr Trump's alleged comments draw attention cozy relationships with other authoritarian leaders in China, Russia, North Korea, and Turkey

Paris suffers 380km of traffic jams amid biggest strike in 12 years

Huge disruption across bus, train and Metro lines as transport unions stage protest against proposed pension reforms