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Coronavirus death toll passes total of 60,000 worldwide

A third of the world's population remains in lockdown to reduce impact of Covid-19

More than one million people fled Paris as lockdown began

Population dropped by nearly 20 per cent, research finds

Coronavirus situation ‘deteriorating very fast’ in France

Fears the French capital will be locked down prompt panic buying and shortages

Latest travel advice for Spain and France amid coronavirus outbreak

A number of countries have imposed new rules around events in response to coronavirus

Catholic charity founder sexually abused women, report finds

Jean Vanier of L'Arche, which supports people with learning disabilities, took 'psychological hold' over victims

Sickness ‘banned’ in parts of France due to lack of doctors

'We want to alert the public authorities to the lack of doctors,' says Dominique Dhumeaux, president of the association of rural mayors of Sarthe