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Spring is just about the only thing not cancelled by coronavirus

Mother nature doesn’t care about a pandemic, but there are still ways to enjoy the changing season from our self-isolation, says Adrian Higgins

Why you'll want moths, rats and snails on your walls this season

Giant flowers and wild creatures race across new-season wallpapers inspired by nature.

Why pollen type is more important than pollen count

Simon Creer and Georgina Brennan explain how the type of grass pollen is affecting allergy sufferers, rather than the total count

How to make a Christmas wreath in five easy steps

Waitrose's head florist, Chris Wood, offers his tips on how to create your own Christmas wreath in just five steps.

Tourists shut down Sydney street to take selfies with flowers

Traffic blocked along the road in Kirribilli as people rush to take images with blossoming trees

What’s the buzz? The bumblebee is back!

Conservationists stunned by the insects’ rapid recovery

Maybe it worked? 'Cops off campus' demo passes off peacefully

Barely a police officer in sight as 2,000 student protesters take to London's streets