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Tom Watson to publish novel about 'ambition and betrayal' in politics

Former deputy Labour leader said his book will introduce readers to ‘the heroes and villains engaged in a struggle for fame, power and revenge’

Daisy Johnson looks set to be youngest ever Man Booker Prize winner

Ahead of the official winner's announcement, Daisy Buchanan goes through each shortlisted book and decides on her favourite to win

How reading can affect eating disorders – for better or for worse

Very little is known about whether readers respond in clinically relevant ways to literature. Now, new research is revealing the potential benefits and dangers reading can pose to those with eating disorders

Gwyneth Rees, The Honeymoon Sisters: 'Very messy and modern'

This thoughtful, very accessible novel has a lot to say 

Deborah Levy, Hot Milk: 'Perfectly crafted portrait of a relationship'

The story opens with Sofia on the beach suffering from a sting from a jellyfish called the Medusa, and an atmosphere of threat from a snake-headed female resonates from the first page

Rachel B Glaser, Paulina and Fran: 'The importance of being special'

The book maps their relationship; from the intense bonding on a trip to Norway to its disintegration after Fran sleeps with Paulina’s ex

Katherine Carlyle by Rupert Thomson - book review

Rupert Thomson tells Max Liu why his wife did not want him to finish his latest novel ...