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Social media firms could be ‘more open’, says head of ad watchdog

‘It's not as transparent as we'd like,’ says ASA chairman David Currie

Social media bans don't just hurt those you disagree with

Those applauding the banning of Alex Jones et al might want to pause to consider that it is not only far-right drum-bangers who lose access to their accounts.

Sri Lanka reimposes social media ban after Easter Sunday bombings

Several mosques and Muslim homes damaged in escalating violence

Russian troll farms and far right ‘meddling in EU elections’

'The goal here is bigger than any one election. It is to constantly divide, increase distrust and undermine our faith in institutions and democracy itself'

Zuckerberg has a new podcast where he tries to figure out the future

The Facebook CEO faces widespread criticism over his handling of a series of scandals that have plagued the social network

Facebook expecting $5bn fine for privacy violations

Social media giant is being investigated by US Federal Trade Commission over Cambridge Analytica data scandal

Social media firms to be legally forced to protect users

Government proposes regulator with power to issues fines and block access to sites

Government and Facebook are about to decide how we live

Politicians and technology companies finally agree that something must be done – now we might see what that looks like