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Thousands of 5G 'truthers' assemble online to plot protests

Popular online groups urge people to turn off their smartphones on 13 April to 'make a noise'

Photos from camera found in Welsh river reunited with owner

Llion Gerallt launched a search on social media after finding the device with 194 images still intact 

Fake F Scott Fitzgerald letter goes viral during coronavirus pandemic

Singer David Crosby and writer Joyce Carol Oates were among those to fall victim to the fake note

Microsoft cancels biggest event of the year because of coronavirus

Company will organise a 'digital event' to show off software updates and new products

Komodo dragon gives birth to three hatchlings without male partner

Zoo carries out DNA test to confirm parthenogenesis had taken place

Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg 'happy to pay more tax in Europe'

Tech giant chief does not oppose plans to reform system 

Wendy's employees 'terminated' after video shows man bathing in sink

Viral clip was originally uploaded to video-sharing app TikTok