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Hamish McRae Only one of the two massive issues facing Facebook is easy to fix

Of course there is no excuse for a firm with the resources of Facebook to not follow the laws of the lands in which it seeks to operate. But one unintended consequence of this system is to inhibit competition, and consolidate the position of the American giants, says Hamish McRae

Facebook's Twitter account hacked

‘Well, even Facebook is hackable but at least their security better than Twitter’

Four-year-old dies from flu after mum asked anti-vaxx group for tips

Influenza has caused anywhere from 12,000 to 30,000 deaths in the US from 1 October 2019 to 1 February 2020

Fake news ‘worse during election campaign than Brexit referendum’

‘We must act now to protect ourselves as voters, or we will continue to see Facebook profit off the erosion of our freedoms’, Ms Kaisar says

Facebook hasn’t learnt the lessons of Cambridge Analytica scandal

 The world’s most powerful democracy is about to elect its next president – yet little has been done to prevent a repeat of history

Family find owl living in their Christmas tree, feed it chicken

Katie McBride Newman says she initially assumed her daughter was scared by an owl ornament

7-year-old boy writes letter to Santa asking for 'very good dad'

Letter also includes requests for chapter books, dictionary and compass