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‘Crazy’ English invented champagne by mistake, claims wine expert

‘Like all great mistakes, it led to a great invention'

The five best Easter egg cocktails

Treat yourself with something that's nice and naughty this Easter with the best sweet Easter-themed cocktails

Win tickets to see Liolà at the National Theatre

Plus, 300 Travelex £12 seats for every night's performance

The Big Six: Beach clubs in Ibiza

From a chic hangout in a quiet cove to a left-field chill-out bar that aims to channel "the hippy spirit of India in the Eighties"...

Fresh alert over the dangers of caffeine

Coffee drinkers are woefully ignorant of the dangers lurking in their cup, a new report warns. Consumers should be provided with information about the caffeine content of their takeaway latte or espresso since most are unaware of how it varies in strength from shop to bar or from cup to mug.