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‘More research needed’ into health impacts of drinking microplastics

‘Research gap must be filled but meanwhile governments and businesses must urgently reduce plastic production’

Six million in US drinking water with high levels of toxic chemicals

In one Delaware town, the levels of one such chemical in the water supply were 25 times higher than the EPA deems safe

Drinking tapwater in the US could give you cancer, scientists warn

Public water supplies serving six million people found to contain up to 25 times the safe limit of toxic chemicals

Jordanian MP opens fire on colleague with automatic gun after 'dispute

Though debates can often get heated in the country's Chamber of Deputies, it is the first time in its history that bullets have been fired within the parliament building

Joe Beeston: Chief executive of Highland Spring and champion of

Joe Beeston, chief executive of Highland Spring, presided over the growth of the mineral water to its present best-selling position and was living proof of the adage that you need a lot of bottle to sell water. He achieved "organic" status for Highland Spring in 2001, the first bottled water brand to be granted such status by the UK Soil Association, because it springs from organic land beneath the Ochil Hills, in central Scotland. He also boasted that he had pioneered mineral water for children, to wean them away from sugary drinks, introducing Highland Spring for Kids.