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Farage vows to deny Tory pressure to abandon entire election campaign

Demand is 'almost comical', says humiliated leader - who calls on Tories to stand aside for him where they 'have not won for 100 years'

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Adam Forrest Inside Politics: Farage’s retreat rocks election campaign

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Trump Jr booed off stage by fans of his father amid ‘far-right split’

‘All you had to do was just take a few questions,’ says disgruntled social media user

Eva Longoria went into a ‘depression’ following Trump’s election

Eva Longoria on Time’s Up and why anyone can create meaningful political change

Fiona Hill and Alexander Vindman's revelations were disturbing

A source familiar with Democrats' preparations for the public hearings told me they are 'preparing for anything'

Roger Stone ‘viewed as Trump’s access point’ to WikiLeaks

The former White House official says the release of leaked emails would be ‘hurting Hillary Clinton and helping the Trump campaign’

Everything you were told about the Syrian war was wrong – until now

Despite all evidence to the contrary, the Syrian Democratic Forces kept their title unquestioned until the Turks invaded Syria, when they were suddenly transformed into ‘Kurdish forces’ who had been betrayed by the Americans. Which, of course, they always were

North Korea says nuclear talks ‘on verge of extinction’

Japanese PM had criticised North Korea’s missile test last week as potentially violating UN sanctions