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Trump impeachment: Defence lawyer says abuse of power not impeachable

Alan Dershowitz says even if Donald Trump's actions were wrong, he should not be removed from the White House – a position Democrats dub 'absurdist'

Trump admin mocked for launching camouflage Space Force uniform

'How many trees are you expecting to find in space,' Twitter user asks

Trump considering changing law that bans bribery abroad

'We are aware of it, we are looking at it, and we’ve heard complaints from some of our companies,' White House adviser says

Trump's trade deals should seal 2020 for him — but they won't

No one can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory quite like the current president

New rumors about Lev Parnas and Marie Yovanovitch don't surprise me

The tranche of Lev Parnas text messages and letters revealed the way in which this administration deals with its unruly female servants

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James Moore It’s Donald Trump vs Apple in the fight over your data

The tech company has found itself in another wrangle with the US government about unlocking a terror suspect’s iPhone, writes James Moore

White House aide feared Dreamers would make US less American

Revelations come a trove of emails sent to an advocacy group show how the senior advisor