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The people who have turned down New Year's Honours

Whether for political, personal or professional reasons, not everyone considers the annual awards an 'honour'

Madonna criticised for ‘rude’ interactions with Sir Ian McKellen

Queen of Pop’s appearance on the chat show had a few awkward moments

Everything to go wrong with Bond 25 (so far)

From on-set injuries to its director quitting halfway through pre-production, many are suggesting the new Bond movie might be 'cursed'

Bond star confirms return to franchise for latest film

The voice of Paddington Bear is expecting to reprise the role of Q

Keith Allen: 'Litterers should be shot and killed'

I got knocked out a few times performing stand-up I did it early in my career as a way to express the punk attitude. [Allen fronted punk act the Atoms in the 1970s.] One night it would feel like I was sleeping with 127 virgins; the next night I'd get my arse kicked after making jokes about the Army. I got knocked out by soldiers twice. I'd get my own back by walking over seats and pissing on people.

BBC to get viewers to vote with their remotes by premiering shows on

The BBC is to premiere a string of shows on its online iPlayer service before they are shown on television.