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Tory MPs threaten mass walk-out if manifesto backs no-deal Brexit

Damian Green tells prime minister the stance would be 'unacceptable' to dozens of members of the 'One Nation' group

Is Steve Bannon influencing Boris to use populism to oust May as PM?

Former White House chief strategist said Boris would make a ‘great prime minister’, but refused to comment on reports he had been advising him

Boris Johnson accused of 'courting fascism' over niqab remarks

Former foreign secretary returns from holiday in Italy amid an escalating row over his suggestion women wearing the religious headgear resembled 'letterboxes' and 'bank robbers'

If Green has been sacked, why does David Davis still have a job?

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There’s an art to resigning from this Government

Some people have wondered why these films were on his work computer, but any of us, while listening to a cabinet discussion about beetroot tariff proposals in Brexit talks, would find ourselves getting aroused 

Three Tory MPs already referred to party's new disciplinary panel

Dan Poulter, Daniel Kawczynski and Stephen Crabb have all been referred to the panel over misconduct allegations 

Rudd denies Tory Government on verge of collapse over sex scandals

Senior Conservative insists Theresa May's administration will not be brought down by string of allegations facing MPs