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With IDS running Boris' campaign, we may as well give Hunt the job

You also have to wonder how the front-runner’s already fractious, backbiting and overcrowded coterie of cronies and advisers will cope with having this career-cursed man as their chief, nominal or not

Behold how far the Tory party has fallen

Looking at the Conservatives today, it is hard to believe that this is the party which once excelled at ‘statecraft’

I watched as Jeremy Hunt failed our NHS. He’s unfit to be PM

If you want a leader who pursues his pet vanity projects at all costs – even when they fly in the face of reality – then the former health secretary is your man

Boris Johnson’s Brexit delusions know no bounds

The Tory party leadership contender wants to spend the money the chancellor wants to use to mitigate the worst effects of Brexit on tax cuts for the rich – while pushing through the most economically harmful Brexit of all

Boris Johnson is shamelessly buying his way into Downing Street

Johnson is gifting taxpayers’ money to the rich to serve his own ambitions. This is a new low in national life

9 of the best memes from Theresa May's time as prime minister

On May 24 2019, Theresa May confirmed that she would be resigning as prime minister on June 7 with a new PM to be in place at the end of July.

Theresa May breaks down as she announces her resignation

In an emotionally-charged statement on the doorstep of 10 Downing Street, a tearful prime minister announced she will quit as Tory leader on June 7