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Tories suspended over racist Facebook posts such as 'Muslim scum'

One councillor wrote ‘Islam and slavery are partners in crime’, while a Boris Johnson campaigner called it ‘religion of hate’

Sajid Javid refuses to rule out electoral pact with Brexit Party

Conservatives ‘don’t need electoral alliance with anyone,’ says chancellor, but refuses to rule it out

Tories to challenge John Bercow’s seat in attempt to oust speaker

Throughout his time sitting at the head of the Commons, the speaker has ruffled the feathers of his former Conservative colleagues

Dominic Cummings is a fantasist without an adequate Brexit plan

Boris Johnson’s adviser is likely to leave Downing Street with his bitterness at sclerotic Whitehall only enhanced, his failure no doubt to be blamed on others, and with Britain no closer to reaching a Brexit settlement three years after the referendum


Matthew Norman Could Rory Stewart lead the anti-no deal Brexit resistance?

Of all the potential opposition candidates in view, Stewart’s charm, brains, honesty and cross-party appeal establish him as best suited to head the hurried campaign

A Brexit coup against Tory ‘traitors’ is sharpening the knives tonight

Many of the members involved are much like Nigel Farage and Arron Banks, ex-Tories for whom everything started to go wrong when Margaret Thatcher was deposed in 1990

Johnson refuses to rule out forcing through no-deal Brexit

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