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In the 2020s, great art and music will be more important than ever

Britain in the 2020s, presided over by the likes of home secretary Cruella Patel, doesn’t look like fun, observes Chris Harvey. But these perilous times could be a catalyst for a new generation of artists

Russia threatens retaliation if US deploys missile posts in Asia

America promises missiles in Asia region only one day after withdrawing from nuclear agreement

Why Trump’s trade war with China is a danger to world prosperity

Since China decided to rejoin the world economy in the 1990s, the country and America have become like two drunken giants staggering down the street – and now the pair have fallen out

George HW Bush in his own words – and those of others

The former president’s thoughts on politics, diversity and the Gulf War

World leaders pay tribute to Helmut Kohl at memorial service

Bill Clinton among heads of state past and present at emotional European Parliament ceremony

US report claims Russia is convinced US wants Kremlin regime change

The report was prepared before the 2016 election, and claims that Russia is building up its military capacities