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Drinks with sexist names banned from UK beer festival

Beverages such as Leg-Spreader and Village Bike are barred from the event

10 best foreign ciders

From 'cidre' to 'sidra', savour a tipple sourced from slightly farther afield 

10 best British bottled cider

Celebrate our home-grown harvest with a special tipple 

Natalie Haynes: I hope this generation doesn't notice it deserves our

When I was a teenager, my elders used to intone that youth is wasted on the young, and I never had a clue what they meant. Youth was pretty much the only perk of being too young to drive a car, too young to earn money, too young to realise that boys who don't like you back are not interesting and poetic, merely tiresome. The least you deserve, when you feel like the world is plotting against you and that only Morrissey understands your torment, is springy joints and radiant skin.

Three people 'seen leaving apartment of Joanna Yeates'

Police are investigating reports that three people were seen leaving Joanna Yeates's flat on the night she went missing.

Mark Hix: a feast with home-grown apples and pears

Crumbles and pies are all very well, but home-grown apples and pears can be put to much better use

Urban gardener: Norman conquest

As a lapsed Catholic, I haven't had the urge to light a candle for anyone for quite some time, but I've just made an exception. A couple of weeks in France was made infinitely better by spending time listening to the French-language CDs of Michel Thomas. So impressed was I by the confidence they gave me to have a go (regardless of whether or not it sounded a load of bolleaux), that I was going to send a letter of gratitude to M Thomas, before someone told me that this Second World War veteran and genius of a language teacher had died three years ago. A candle, therefore, in a small seaman's chapel at the picturesque town of St Vaast-la-Hougue, would have to do instead.