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These are the US federal holidays for 2020

Americans will celebrate one federal holiday in February 

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Borzou Daragahi What it was like being stranded in France during huge protests

As trains came to a standstill, the fragility of the veneer that separates civility from savagery quickly revealed itself

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Jenny Eclair Dreading the trends of 2020? Fellow boomers, there’s an easier way

I’ve compiled a random list of catchphrases and buzzwords that we can confidently drop into the new year conversation and sound cool, without millennial condescension

Racism isn’t the only hatred in football

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Don’t scorn anti-vaxxers then skip your flu shot

I’m not a medical professional, pharmaceutical lobbyist or government agent. I’m just someone who used to think one way, then realised how wrong I was

Dozens of cancellations on railways as Christmas getaway begins

Many rail workers’ employment contracts make Sunday working voluntary

What is the winter solstice and how is it celebrated?

Several Christmas traditions have roots in the ancient Yule festival