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Hazel Sheffield Cornwall’s china clay history boosts business in St Austell

A ceramics festival forms part of a plan to regenerate the town using its industrial heritage, finds Hazel Sheffield

Hong Kong protesters call on Trump to ‘liberate’ city

US defence secretary urges Beijing to exercise restraint in region

My father’s avoiding hospital because we’ll be outed as Uighurs

Islamic countries have rightly stood with Muslims everywhere from Rohingyas to those in Yemen, Palestine and Syria. What is taking so long for them to stand up with those detained in Xinjiang too? 

Trump made up phone call with China at G7, White House aides admit

China’s foreign ministry had previously expressed its confusion

China expels journalist ‘because he criticised Xi Jinping’

Communist regime accuses Wall Street Journal reporter of "maliciously tarnishing China"

Trump lashes out as economic warnings signal looming recession

President blames international allies and US news media for economic concerns

Hong Kong protesters return to clean up station after violent clashes

Protest movement fighting to retain public support after 11 weeks of increasingly violent clashes