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Best online exercise classes, from yoga to Barry's Bootcamp

Thousands of children recently joined fitness instructor Joe Wicks for a live-streamed PE session

Children no longer in school 'must not play outside with friends'

Councils across UK have begun shutting parks to slow spread of virus

Thousands of children join Joe Wicks for live PE lesson

More than 790,000 households tuned in to the live session

Nearly half of all five to 10-year-olds now have mobile phones

Most children own mobile phones by the time they are seven years old

Is your phone distracting you from your children?

We are a generation that has become obsessed with technology. Now studies are showing that staring at our screens is influencing the bond between parent and child, says Natalie Pearson

Scotland to be first in the UK to ban smacking children

Any physical punishment of children is to become a criminal offence