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Vegan ‘humiliated’ by KFC staff after being served chicken burger

‘I was speechless and can’t express how disgusting their customer service was,’ mother says

How one stressed out cockerel is dividing an entire town

‘A rooster needs to express himself,’ says Corinne Fesseau, owner of the rooster in question.

Fried chicken restaurants, Soho review

For golden crunchy tenderloins and a serving of overindulgence, fried chicken restaurants in Soho are living up to the hype – but it comes at a price, says Ed Cumming

How to make McDonald's chicken McNuggets at home

A woman from Australia believes she’s cracked the homemade recipe

Gwyneth Paltrow's recipes could give you food poisoning, study finds

The recipes may put people at risk of salmonella and campylobacter

Subway chicken only contains about 50% chicken DNA, new report finds

The findings were part of a larger survey examining chicken products from several different fast food chains that operate in Canada, including McDonald’s, Chipotle and Wendy’s