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French drinkers abandon champagne as Brexit and Trump damage sales

French drinkers bought 6.5 million fewer bottles in 2018

12 gifts for the wine lover in your life

Wine merchants, shops and supermarkets everywhere are positively throwing ideas at us for wine-related gifts this festive season. Terry Kirby gives us his favourites

Forget beer, it’s all about prosecco pong now

It's all you need to get the party started – with a touch of class of course

Doctor warns women to drink less to avoid ‘prosecco smile'

‘If you drink too much of it you are going to have a problem’, explains Doctor Mervyn Druian

How is the New Year celebrated in your culture?

In Japan, New Year's Eve itself is called oh-misoka, and is a day to spend quietly at home for most people. It is not a day for fireworks at all in Japan (fireworks are reserved for summertime). You reflect on the old year, watch some year-ending entertainment programmes on TV such as Kohaku Uta Gassen (a long-running singing contest show), and perhaps go to the local temple at midnight, while hearing the 108 rings of the bell to ring away the evils of the old year. People looking for a party on New Year's Eve are often disappointed.

France is drowning in champagne as Britain loses taste for bubbly

Sales fall flat under pressure from cheaper alternatives