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Johnson Brexit letters 'may be in contempt of parliament'

Prime minister faces possible legal action over his two letters to the EU - one relaying request to extend Brexit process and the other advising against it

Parliament decided nothing. We still don’t know if Brexit will happen

Another ‘meaningful vote’ turned out not to be so. To most people it must look as if parliament doesn’t know what it is doing

Unlike parliament’s last Saturday session, today was a political low

Yes, the big vote on Brexit has been postponed, but that doesn’t mean nothing is happening. MPs are doing exactly the job we sent them to Westminster to do

Brexit vote could be delayed as MPs shut down risk of no-deal

If crucial amendment passes, MPs will only be able to ‘consider the matter’ – not approve the deal

Boris Johnson got his bad Brexit deal – now parliament must reject it

There will be many attempts to paint the agreement as superior to Theresa May's, and one that achieves all the objectives of all concerned, as if by magic. In reality, it is the kind of hard Brexit once staunchly dismissed

Johnson denies Trump’s claim he requested ‘ambush’ of grieving parents

President claimed: ‘I spoke with Boris, he asked me if I’d do that and I did it’