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Fears over Johnson’s ‘new immigration department’ plan

‘The culture of a department is driven partly by its aims and objects, and driving numbers down is quite clearly going to be the focus of this immigration department,’ says director of Runnymede Trust

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Hamish McRae Why reshaping the economy won't be a walk in the park for Johnson

Rebalancing the system is not a top-down, instructions from Whitehall operation. It is about paying attention to local opportunities and then clearing any roadblocks that might get in the way

Biden urges US democrats to learn from Labour's fate

'You’re also going to see people saying, my god, Boris Johnson, who is kind of a physical and emotional clone of the president, is able to win'

What a Boris Johnson government means for foreign policy and defence

Analysis: It remains to be seen whether the new prime minister will follow Trump poodle-like or have an independent stance on important diplomatic and defence issues

Ryanair boss predicts Tories’ EU deal will be ‘Brexit in name only’

Michael O’Leary tells Boris Johnson: ‘You want to be seen politically to be leaving the European Union, but you’ll finish up with a Norway-style agreement’

Gloating Boris Johnson has started as he means to go on

 It is as if the juvenile techniques he once deployed at the Oxford Union are the only kind of politics this prime minister understands

Will Boris be the last PM of the UK? This is what the odds tell us

It's not just the campaign for Scottish independence that will gather pace after this Tory landslide. The price on a united Ireland during the next parliament is only 6/1