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Monzo doubles valuation to £2bn after latest fundraising round

App-only bank surpasses 2 million customers and secures extra cash from Airbnb investor Y Combinator

Can you trust a challenger with your money?

Known as ‘challengers’, the underdogs taking on high street banks and other giants of the service sector can leave customers wanting

Banks shift £800bn of assets out of the UK ahead of Brexit

Investment banks have shifted around £800bn of their clients’ money, asset managers have moved £65bn and insurers £35bn

TSB owner: Bank will start buying firms after dealing with IT crisis

The bank's Spanish owner denied plans to sell TSB, and said the UK bank was its 'reason for being'

Brexit will cause London to lose €800bn to Frankfurt, says lobby group

Some 10,000 jobs also set to relocate to German financial hub as banks prepare for UK’s departure from EU

Brexit 'not totally bad' for City of London, says Berlin Exchange boss

Artut Fischer says City firms could follow the lead of US firms

Brexit delivers longer blow to bank sentiment than financial crisis

A quarterly poll finds optimism has dropped to levels not seen since the 2007-2009 crisis and that the declines have been more sustained