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Protesters in Lebanon attack banks in ‘week of rage’

Many Lebanese people see banks as part of the same political class that brought the country to the brink of ruin, writes Richard Hall

Monzo customers will be able to receive their salaries a day early

Bacs payments to go through at 4pm on the day before they are normally received

Monzo urges 500,000 customers to change their pin

British digital bank says account information was wrongly stored on internal system

HSBC profits disappoint as bank warns trade war holding business back

Profits were up 16 per cent but came in behind expectations

RBS issues warning over no deal Brexit. Here's the problem

CEO Ross McEwan is right to raise the issue, and the issues he raises are on point. Trouble is, the bank's past conduct means it lacks moral authority 

How MPs' report into women in finance could lead to better banks

Banks need to employ more women and pay them fairly. But men can also be put off by the City's 'alpha male' culture, the sort of men who might be less inclined to land their employers with huge fines were they hired more often

MPs tell the City of London to tackle its 'alpha male culture'

Politicians call on financial firms to do more to encourage flexible working and root out unconscious bias that hampers women’s careers