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From Saturn's moons to ancient structures of mammoth bones

And other stories from around the world

Scientists find they don’t know how fast the universe is expanding

Problems with Hubble constant could suggest that our understanding of the universe is flawed

The trailblazing astronomer who wouldn’t take ‘no women’ for an answer

She conducted groundbreaking work on the origin of elements, had a keen fascination with the galaxies and once refused a women’s award in the name of equality

Meteor explosion over Bristol caught on camera by astronomer

'You’ve got to be lucky to see something like this. It's a once-in-a-lifetime moment'

Stargazing November: Orion's glittering entourage rises in the east

After an uneventful autumn, the night skies explode into action again this month, with the mighty Orion reigning as Mars shines in the southwest and Comet Wirtanen creeps up above the horizon

Stargazing for October 2017: Watch for the rings

With autumn ahead, the days will be getting darker – the perfect opportunity to see the Orionid meteor shower or spot Saturn’s tipped rings, expected to look more spectacular than they have since 2003

The Harvest moon is coming - and it's unusually late

This is the first full moon since the Autumn Equinox