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Cannabis and heroin tell a painful story about our broken drugs system

Culture and politics have decided what is legal and illegal, not science. There is a need for fundamental reform to the way in which drugs are evaluated and by whom

Aldi offering customers free wine to share reviews on Twitter

If you're a budding wine connoisseur, then this is the opportunity for you

12 best English still wines that celebrate homegrown grapes

Think it’s all about the fizz? These bottles are here to convince you otherwise

Bottle of wine a week ‘equivalent to smoking’ for raised cancer risk

Moderate levels of drinking particularly associated with increased risk of breast cancer in women, according to research

Hangover-free alcohol could be available in just a few years

You will be able to modify the level of tipsiness you want to feel 

Families will fight over remote after Christmas dinner, study claims

Brexit is allegedly another of the reasons why families will fall out over the festive season