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Alcohol is unhelpful coronavirus lockdown coping strategy, WHO says

Expert fears shift to home drinking may fuel increases in violence, fires and dependence

Mae Martin is a revelation in the anxious, empathetic Feel Good

The comedian drew on elements of her own life to create a thoughtful and often hilarious examination of addiction and sexuality

When your mother is dying, nothing is less important than Christmas

At some point, I’ll stop hoping that the mum who faked Rudolph’s hoof-prints on the roof for me when I was little will resurface

Jamie Lee Curtis: 'Today I'd be diagnosed with a learning disability'

'I moved to three high schools in four years,' Halloween actor says

Live-in addiction services in England ‘cut by third’ as overdoses soar

‘Considering that there is a crisis of drug related deaths in this country, these figures could not be more shocking’

I weighed 25 stone, but you are just as responsible as me for obesity

Let's talk about what personal responsibility really means, and how you can make sure you're taking your own responsibilities seriously. Starting with not patronising your friend who would ‘be so pretty if they just lost weight’

Damaging Tory cuts to public health ‘to cost £3.2bn a year to reverse’

Additional funding to reverse £700m slashed from public health budgets urgently needed in poorest areas, experts say

Alcohol deaths up to 10 times higher among diabetics, study warns

Psychological harm of condition underappreciated compared to its physical health risks, researchers say