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The official UK government advice on coronavirus

What is the latest guidance from the government on how to reduce the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak?

Coronavirus lockdown: How to safely practice social distancing outside

‘We all have a responsibility to contribute to reducing the spread of the novel coronavirus’

Best online exercise classes, from yoga to Barry's Bootcamp

Thousands of children recently joined fitness instructor Joe Wicks for a live-streamed PE session

10 charities you can donate to in order to support vulnerable people

From organisations helping the homeless to those supporting survivors of domestic violence, here's what you can do to help

Coronavirus: How to sign up as an NHS Volunteer Responder

UK government launches urgent appeal for 250,000 volunteers to help the NHS 

Why Dua Lipa’s high-energy disco bops are perfect for self-isolation

The pop star wasn’t sure whether to release her album amid the global pandemic but its high-energy disco bangers are just the salve for being stuck indoors, says Kate Solomon


Geoffrey Macnab Infected Hollywood: Why filmmakers love disease

As coronavirus spreads across the world, Geoffrey Macnab looks at the rash of films about epidemics that all of a sudden are being given a patina of plausibility