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I can’t blame Honda for leaving, this country keeps letting them down

To borrow a phrase, Honda, like all inward investors, wanted a strong and stable partnership. Innately conservative, they’re not inclined to panic – but they’ve been let down  

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Chris Blackhurst Seeking a super-injunction is never going to make a scandal go away

It’s impossible to see where the merit in this legal heavy stick lies, says Chris Blackhurst – time and again, the measure has proved to be a red rag to a bull

Amazon results worry Wall Street. Jeff Bezos' response? More investing

The company produced another record set of numbers but it's forecasts for the current quarter didn't cut the mustard with analysts 

Water bosses in tears as OfWat trades Little Mermaid for Aquaman

Just three of the privatised water operators had their business plans approved by the regulator with fourteen told to start again 

Liam Fox tries for Davos trade deals as corporates walk away

The trade secretary said delayng Brexit would be worse than no deal. The behaviour of big companies shows they think otherwise

Dyson dumps Brexit Britain, taking HQ to Singapore

It's absolutely, positively not to do with Brexit, says the company founded by arch Brexiteer Sir James Dyson. This is about 'future proofing'. How does that make it any better? 

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James Moore Flybe rescued but only if investors agree to a wipe out

A consortium including Virgin and Stobart have put up just £2.2m for Flybe shareholders. But as James Moore explains, some investors may be disinclined to let the deal be completed 

Retail Christmas crunch: The numbers were bad (except Tesco's)

Sales took a tumble at M&S and Debenhams and John Lewis may not pay a bonus for the first time since 1953. But Tesco held up, as BRC reveals only food, toys and computers enjoyed rising sales across the sector