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How 'red flag' laws could help stop American mass shootings

Since the shooting in Parkland, Florida, over a dozen states have passed ‘red flag’ laws. Since the recent mass shootings in Texas and Ohio they are being more widely seen as a way of preventing more tragedies

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How Portishead defined the 90s while remaining mysterious

Because they never fitted in with Britpop era, their debut album 'Dummy' continues to be timeless and enigmatic

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Everything that happened at this year’s D23 Disney convention

Sneak peeks at The Rise of Skywalker, Frozen 2 and WandaVision were among the highlights of the event

Tobias Ellwood I lost family to terrorism – but we can’t desert former Isis recruits

Tearing up UK passports of foreign fighters may briefly make us feel better and corral popular opinion, but we cannot isolate ourselves from international extremism and expect anything to change

Dummy at 25: How Portishead defined the 90s while remaining mysterious

Because Portishead never fitted in with the Britpop era they were born into, their debut album continues to be timeless and unknowable

9 best chimineas that take the chill out of alfresco entertaining

Impress your guests with one of these handy heaters

Best free food and drink for GCSE students collecting their results

Selected restaurants to offer free food to GCSE students receiving results on Thursday

The historic Apollo 11 moon landing – in photos

Relive the painstaking mission that led to the first human footprints on the Earth’s natural satellite

Six injured as lightning causes play suspension at Tour Championship

Debris from a tree struck by lightning injured six people near the 15th green at East Lake in Atlanta

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Martin Friel ‘Don’t be afraid of AI’: Daniel Pitchford debunks technology myths

View From The Top: The co-founder of AI Business, a portal for the technology’s real-world applications, says the arrival of machines that can learn anything a human can could be anything up to 100 years away

With no-deal on the horizon, US farmers sense lucrative opportunities

The British government has promised not to skimp on food standards after leaving the EU – but in the land of chlorinated chicken and hormone-fed beef, a post-Brexit trade deal still offers tantalising possibilities. Clark Mindock reports from Iowa