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Sebnem Arsu Turkey for Syrians – a home or a stepping stone?

After it was announced that Turkey would be opening its borders to let nearly 4 million Syrian refugees enter Europe, there was some jubilation – until Greece took brutal steps to prevent the movement. Sebnem Arsu met those refugees looking for a home

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How coronavirus has changed the way I shop for my vegan diet

Adam Hamdani: This year, I'm giving up meat and dairy. That's right, I am going to be that annoying vegan who can't stop talking about being vegan. I hope you enjoy the ride

Rosie Urbanovich Why I’m still haunted by the experience of gaining UK citizenship

The outsourcing of visa services represents a step backwards in a broken institution. Without a culture shift, people's experiences will continue to be lined with profiteering and disarray, writes Rosie Urbanovich  

Kate Russell: ‘We all participate in a culture that allows abuse’

Her debut novel ‘My Dark Vanessa’ has been called controversial but its contemporary update of ‘Lolita’, which takes a deeper look at power and consent, makes us confront our own complicity, she tells Annie Lord

How panther-horror Cat People changed cinema forever

The next pick in our new weekly film social is the 1942 flick that ushered in a new wave of cinematic shocks and took on that scariest subject of all, female sexuality, says Clarisse Loughrey

The online garden centres and nurseries to support during lockdown

The coronavirus outbreak has put a huge strain on horticultural businesses across the country and the industry is facing the closure of 2,000 garden centres and nurseries. Here's how you can help

What it feels like to be pregnant during a pandemic

Shortly after Emma Finamore’s first scan in February, coronavirus became a real threat in the UK. Here, she speaks to other women about what it’s like to be pregnant in the age of Covid-19

Scotland's chief medical officer apologises for breaking lockdown

‘I understand that I did not follow the advice I am giving to others, and I am truly sorry for that,’ says Catherine Calderwood

Heathrow to close half its terminals

Airport will switch to single-runway operation on Monday


Andy Martin Why businesses should strive for a bad review on Trustpilot

When Peter Muhlmann set up the review website in 2007, he was on a mission to convince companies that what customers say really matters. After the launch of the website’s newest feature, he tells Andy Martin he’s realised it is how businesses react to their reviews that customers really care about