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Metro Exodus breathes new life into doomsday

While games like Fallout have a certain charming optimism to them, Metro Exodus depicts a harrowingly authentic world

Apex Legends app download site tricks players with dodgy version

Cyber security researchers discovered the first malicious app for the record-breaking video game, which is yet to be released on Android or iOS devices

Fortnite launches entirely new mode alongside battle royale

'It’s a brand new way to experience the world of Fortnite'

Fortnite, Drake and driving test practise app come top of App Store

Love Island, WhatsApp and YouTube all take their place among the iPhone's most popular downloads

Fortnite scams are way worse than first thought, researchers say

'These scams are directly targeting innocent players and could be affecting your employees, customers, family and friends,' researchers say

Sony confirms it’s working on a new console

Microsoft has suggested that its next console might not really be a console at all