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Andrew Woodcock New promises, same problem: Why we are marching again for a Final Say vote

12 October ‘march of our lives’ will be climax of The Independent and People's Vote campaign for a fresh referendum, with rallies across Britain this summer

Alexandra Phillips and Magid Magid Boris Johnson’s Tory leadership victory is terrifying

We face the prospect of a no-deal Brexit for which the new prime minister has zero parliamentary mandate. We cannot allow this to happen, and that is why the Remain movement must come together again as a positive, effective grassroots initiative

Rob Merrick Johnson may 'declare no confidence in himself' to force no-deal Brexit

Nick Boles fears ruse is way to suspend parliament for general election – to be held after UK has crashed out of EU

Rob Merrick Corbyn to leave open support for alternative caretaker PM

Labour leader still focused on getting numbers to put him in No 10 after no-confidence vote – but will not rule out different stopgap

John Rentoul How has Labour shifted towards a new referendum?

Politics Explained: Pressure from campaigners and within the party has pushed Jeremy Corbyn towards support for a Final Say

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Editorial Make no mistake, this is a significant step towards a new referendum

The next stage of Labour’s slow progress towards a democratic, reality-based position on Brexit is to consult members, supporters and trade unionists on developing the policy

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Editorial European elections show we need a referendum to break Brexit deadlock

Constructing a majority for any one of the three main options – soft Brexit, hard Brexit or no Brexit – does not seem possible through conventional politics