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Seb Dance We need another referendum, but not a rerun of the 2016 Brexit vote

I am arguing for a vote on the two concrete, deliverable options now before us: to seek a cross-party consensus on an alternative deal based on membership of a customs union, or a public vote on the way forward

Sean O'Grady This is not the Brexit I expected when I voted Leave

I will respect the result of a Final Say referendum, which will come because parliament cannot and should not decide, and the people can and will

Peter Stubley What is the Put It To The People march?

Campaigners to renew demand for a public vote on the final Brexit deal

Phil Wilson A new referendum wouldn’t be as divisive as pressing on with Brexit

Ian Lavery, chair of the Labour Party, says a Final Say referendum would further split the country and damage the relationship between citizens and politicians. Phil Wilson, a fellow Labour MP, disagrees

Richard Morgan Britain Before Brexit: a portrait of Greater London

The Independent’s photographer Richard Morgan is examining his own country in the midst of Brexit’s chaos, scrutinising the contrasts of contemporary Britain and the ambivalence of modern Britishness. This week: Greater London