E3 marks the halfway point of the video game world's annual calendar. That means we all get to be teased by trailers of amazing triple-A titles that don’t release until the holiday season. That’s the bad news. The good news is that it’s the perfect time to catch up on all the amazing games released in the first half of the year.

While the list may change by the end of the year, here are the top 10 games of 2018 so far:

God of War: $59.99, Amazon

Experience a whole new God of War. This isn’t just the best game of 2018 so far, this may go down as the greatest PS4 game of all time. Explore the evolution of a previously one note character as Kratos becomes a fleshed out and truly interesting person. God of War is no longer ‘just’ and action game, like Kratos, it’s evolved into an emotional father son tale, with an amazing antagonist, and supreme world development. If you had to pick one game to play this year, this is it. Even if you don’t like the previous God of War games, I can’t foresee anyone playing this and not, at the very least, enjoy their time. 

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Shadow of the Colossus: $29.99, Amazon

If you’ve never felt the heartache and conflict of Shadow of the Colossus, this is the time to fix that. It’s gorgeous, emotional, and awe inspiring. Ride your horse through the beautifully lonely valleys. Feel the emotional turmoil as you climb and slay each Colossi in the name of love. The ending will have you contemplating the very nature of love itself. Even if you’ve played the original, play this one. It’s a complete remake, so not only does it look better, but it plays better too.

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Monster Hunter World: $59.99, Amazon

Easily the most creative and inspired game of 2018, Monster Hunter makes its glorious return to the home console. Monster Hunter World continues its predecessor’s tradition of making every hunt feel like a boss battle. Prepare for each hunt by crafting weapons and studying each monster. Then reap the rewards of all your hard work in a thriving fully realized ecosystem. From studying, to crafting, to hunting, Monster Hunter World makes every step feel epic and rewarding. 

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Dark Souls Remastered: $39.99, PlayStation Store

Dark Souls Remastered will have you traversing the classic and incredibly well connected Lordran, once occupied by gods, now a world full of death and darkness, now a land of ruin. Hidden within its dreary aesthetic is a classic, real time, RPG world teaming with personality and beauty. Dark Souls is a classic, and this is the definitive version. The difficulty of this game is legendary, but that’s the point. Embrace the challenge: 'Prepare to die.' 

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Dragon Ball Fighter Z: $59.99, PlayStation Store

Dragon Ball Fighter Z is both fun fan service, and great fighting game. Everything Dragon Ball fans have been waiting for. The look, the sounds, the fun and feel of Dragon Ball has been captured in this simple, but strategically deep fighter. Come for Dragon Ball and stay for the well-crafted, explosive, 3V3 tag team style fighter. Dragon Ball Fighter Z is a fun casual experience, but also has a thriving competitive scene for those who’re interested. 

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Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom: $59.99, Walmart

Enter the vibrant and bright cell shaded world of Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom. A JRPG core with a hint of civilization. Not only does Ni No Kuni 2 offer a fun crisp real time battle system, but it also offers a fun nation building game. Recruit citizens from the other distinct lands of Ni No Kuni 2 and defend your nation. The biggest surprise is the high concept story. Battle, build, philosophize.

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Celeste: $19.99, PlayStation Store

Super Meat Boy fused with Metroid, Celeste is the best platformer on the PS4, hands down. The interesting and challenging 16-bit, wall clinging, platform action on its own, is good enough, but where Celeste truly shines is in the narrative. An out of nowhere story about depression and the pit falls of modern life make this a must play game. If nothing else, the story alone is worth every penny.  

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Owlboy: $24.99, PlayStation Store

Short, simple, creative, and endearing. Owlboy is a 10-hour pixel art journey of an Owl boy and his friends. A metroidvania-style game where you use various power ups to creatively, and carefully dispose of enemies. Only, instead of power ups, you literally pick up your friends and fly them around while using each of their unique abilities. A fun lesson on the power of friendship.

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Far Cry 5: $59.99, PlayStation Store

Far cry 5 feels the same as its predecessors, but that’s more good than bad. All the weapons, the story, and the open world craziness you’ve come to love return in Far Cry 5. This time a cult leader and his siblings need to be dealt with, and you’re the man for the job. The open world, and all the crazy things you can do, that’s the reason to play this.

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Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition: $39.99, PlayStation Store

The original Street Fighter 5 that released back in 2016 felt like a hollow cash grab, but the 2018 Arcade Edition feels like the version we all deserve. Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition comes with actual fighters, new moves, and the classic Arcade mode. All an all, this feels like a fresh new game. Every fan of fighting games needs to own a copy of Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition.  

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The Verdict: PS4 games of 2018:

Monster Hunter World and Shadow of the Colossus are strong contenders, but if you want the best of the best, God of War is the easy choice. Not only is it the best PS4 game on the market, but it will go down as one of gaming’s greatest achievements. 

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