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11 best kids’ wellies

From boots with fleece lining to ones that change colour in the rain, we pick the finest wellies for children

Frugis are a hit with the little people – they couldn’t get them on fast enough and didn’t want to take them ( Bob Berry/Frugi )

Autumn is just around the corner and that means only one thing – time to get togged up for a new season of kicking through leaves and splashing in puddles.

Once the preserve of farmers and the horsey set (OK, and Paddington Bear), the wellington boot has become a modern staple of any child’s wardrobe. But don’t be dazzled by cutesy prints or snazzy patterns – the perfect welly needs a sole with seriously good grip to ensure little ones stay on their feet, no matter how much mud they trudge through.

All wellies are waterproof, obviously, but look for ones that are robust, too – thin soles won’t be comfy on a pebbly beach or rocky path, and cheap or insubstantial material is easily torn on sharp ground, which means wet feet.

The only thing worse than that is cold feet, so choose wellies with cosy lining to keep toes toasty whatever the weather. Elasticated toggles at the top will help keep feet and legs warm and dry – a must if your little one will be trudging to school in the rain or snow.

Puddleflex Wellies: £28, Muddy Puddles

Until we got our mitts on these (or our feet inside them, to be exact), we thought all wellies were created equal.

They are not; these are truly in a league of their own. Faux-fur lining and a shoelace-style tie around the top keep little feet and legs snug and dry, even after a long, windy walk on a rain-battered beach.

Beyond the impressive practicalities, they’re also seriously stylish, with the grippiest of soles and a reflective strip for high visibility. Brilliant!

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Puddle Buster Wellington Boots: £24, Frugi​

These stylish wellies are just lovely, and a real hit with kids – they couldn’t get them on fast enough and didn’t want to take them off.

Not even at bedtime! Coordinating coloured soles and trims are a cute touch. They’re made from natural rubber – we’d expect nothing less from the snazzy organic kids’ clothing specialists – and easily withstood all the mud, sand and rain we could find on a rainy day on the North Coast of Ireland.

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Tractor Ted Welly Boots: £16, Tractor Ted

It goes without saying that little fans of certain types of farm machinery will go crazy for these, and true Tractor Ted aficionados will certainly approve.

That aside, these are ideal for independently minded tots who insist on doing everything by themselves – the grab handles mean even our youngest testers managed to get them on with ease. Not on the right feet but you can't have everything.

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Children's London Bus Wellington Boots: £24, London Transport Museum

What’s not to love about wellies that change colour in the rain? We hit the beach for a bit of wave jumping to put these to the test and we weren’t disappointed, although you’ll need considerably more than a few drops of rain to make the magic happen.

When it gets wet, the double-decker bus changes colour rather than the actual welly, so be sure to explain that to little people before you try them out to avoid confusion.

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Solognac Inverness 100 Junior Ankle Boots: £6, Decathlon

Lightweight wellies are a wonderful thing and these are perfect for packing on school trips or taking away on overnight adventures because they’re so light they won’t weigh down intrepid explorers.

The kick-off spur makes getting them off a doddle, and the grippy sole is great for such affordable boots. Look at the price!

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Muddies Puddle Pink: £35, The Welly Shop

This is clever. These welly boots are made from rubber and chloroprene foam – think wetsuit material – so they’re light yet cosy, and the Nitrocell footbed offers extra cushioning and insulation.

It was extra easy for our little testers to put these on and take them off by themselves, and everyone’s feet stayed dry.

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Start Rite Mud Buster Red Slip-On Waterproof Wellies: £29, Start Rite

A classic of the kids’ welly world, these are stylishly understated. The sturdy sole gives all other wellies a splash for their money, and the fleece-lining is dreamy – no welly socks needed here.

The elasticated top definitely keeps out the rain, too – we took one for the team by going out in a downpour just to make sure.

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Navy Igor Nautical Pipo Wellington Boots: £26, Trotters

These look like wellies straight out of the pages of a charming children’s story book – we love the nautical-themed stripy lining.

They’re fully lined with thick, spongy insoles to ensure growing toes are comfy, and the adjustable toggle does a good job of keeping out the rain.

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Bogs Slushie Web Geo: £65, Bogs Footwear

Can you ever justify spending £65 on a pair of kids’ wellies? Yes, if it’s on these. Neo-Tech waterproof insulation and moisture-wicking fabric mean feet stay warm and dry but without overheating.

No sweaty socks after wearing these! They also look fabulous, and we can see these being passed down to younger siblings or family members long after other wellies have been consigned to the charity shop.

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Kids' Crocband Jaunt Boot: £29.99, Crocs

More of a rainy-day choice than a serious winter option, this quirky welly boot appealed to our testers who think of themselves as a little too cool for wearing wellies.

They’re easy to pop on and off in a hurry, and lightweight enough to mean they won’t slow you down when you’ve got places to go, people to see, or puddles to jump in.

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Joules Girls Welly Print: £25, Millbry Hill

Our welly-wearers’ mums were seriously jealous of these but, alas, they couldn’t squeeze their size fives into them, no matter how hard they tried.

The soles are thick and grippy but you’ll need warm socks with these on cold days. A lovely choice for a style-conscious pre-teen, these are as practical as they are pretty.

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Verdict: Best Kids' Wellies

There’s no contest. The Muddy Puddles Puddleflex Wellies are our absolute faves and tick every single welly box we can think of – and they’re unisex, so lucky younger siblings will benefit when they’re outgrown.

We hadn’t expected these to wow us, but they really stand out from all the other wellies we tested and need to be seen to be appreciated. Buy them; you won’t be disappointed.

If you’ve got plenty of cash or if you’re buying wellies for a winter in Aspen, go for the Bogs. They are a thing of technical beauty.

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