A light in the nursery or kids’ room can serve many purposes. Wall lights double up as decoration, and light projectors can cast patterns over surfaces to provide a relaxing atmosphere before bed.

For something by the bedside, our list has lots of compact designs that don’t take up too much space, and provide a soft light to read by.

For babies and toddlers, look for soft silicon materials that work without cables attached. All kids’ lights should have LED bulbs which don’t get hot and prove a safety hazard.

For a really hi-tech solution, go for a light that connects to a smartphone app; you can control it remotely to help little ones get into a night time routine.

Little Home At John Lewis Task Lamp: £29, John Lewis

This task lamp is great for older kids who need a light to read or study by, rather than as a comfort. It’s adjustable like a regular task lamp, but special attention has been paid to safety and usability.

The LED bulb is integrated into the shade so it can’t be reached, it doesn’t get hot, and the base has an anti-slip foam pad. It does need to be plugged in, but is small enough to leave room on a desktop or bedside table.

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A Little Lovely Co Yellow Heart Light: £49.95, meandbuddy.com

Kids can get in on the trend for neon wall lights too – this child-friendly yellow heart is perfect for the nursery or bedroom. Unlike a real neon tube light, this lamp is made with energy-efficient LED which doesn’t get hot.

It hangs easily thanks to an in-built hole, and saves space on the bedside table. You could make an array with other shapes in the range: including a lightning bolt, a cloud, and the word “love”. For very young kids, consider fixing the cord to the wall for safety.

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Disaster Designs Cactus LED lamp: £14.95, cultfurniture.com

Soft, green, and in the shape of a friendly cactus, this cute lamp makes a great night light. It’s reasonably-priced (compared to more famous characters from movies and cartoons) but just as lovable.

There’s an internal LED which doesn’t get hot, making this tactile lamp safe for kids to handle. It comes in two sizes and has a UK mains plug. Beware, the green colouring looks quite different when the lamp is lit.

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Suzy Snooze Smart Nightlight: £100, bleepbleeps.com

Suzy Snooze is much more than a light. Connected to a smartphone app, it can function as a baby monitor and a sleep trainer too. The “soothe” setting is a 15-minute programme of relaxing sound and light that you can re-activate via your phone.

The “sleep” setting provides a soft level of light through the night. The “wake” setting can be programmed to gently rouse kids at the same time every morning to help you get a good night’s kip too – that’s the idea anyway!

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Star Bright Night Light: £19.99, jml.co.uk

Removing the cover of this otherwise ordinary lamp reveals a light projection of starry skies. Switch up the settings for displays of different colours and motion that keep things interesting.

The lamp is small and so the projections are best seen against the wall, or ceiling of a small bedroom. You can power it with batteries or via a USB cable for good portability.

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Mr Maria Miffy First Light Lamp: £72, thismodernlife.co.uk

Miffy is the loveable rabbit created in 1955 by Dutch artist Dick Bruna. This version of the character is a squishy silicon lamp that loves being hugged. The LED inside doesn’t overheat, so it can work as both a lamp and a toy.

There are larger versions too, but the First Light lamp is most useful for the bedside. It’s rechargeable, and comes with a UK Plug and USB adapter.

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Celeste Silver Cloud Light-Up Accessory: £7.19, maisonsdumonde.com

A simple light that’s good for small spaces and budgets. A glittery background makes this light look attractive even when off, and the cloud shape is a calming influence in kids’ bedrooms.

The five LED globe lights give a warm light when switched on. It works on three batteries (which are, miraculously, provided) so you can place it around the room as you like.

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Indy Elephant Light: £59, thewhitecompany.com

This sculptural little elephant lamp is made from laser-cut polypropylene shapes that fold and slot together. It has a warm glow when lit, thanks to a non-replaceable but long-life LED bulb.

It’s great to look at, but not particularly cuddly. Considering the price too, think of it as an accessory for the baby’s nursery, rather than a toy for toddlers or older kids.

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SMILA STJÄRNA Wall Lamp: £7, Ikea

This star-shaped wall light is basic but cheerful. It’s made in tough polypropylene with perforations to create interesting patterns when lit.

The bulb isn’t included – IKEA suggests an energy-saving 400-lumen LED bulb (£4). Wall lamps are great for doubling up as decoration and saving space on surfaces, but care should be taken to fix cords to the wall for safety. It’s also a good idea to place them away from cots and playpens.]

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Queeboo Daisy Green Table Lamp: £60, hurnandhurn.com

This daisy-shaped lamp is somewhere between a nightlight and a reading lamp, and would suit older kids. The story goes that designer Nika Zupanc was inspired by the petal-plucking game “loves me, loves me not” for this unusual piece.

The 4W LED bulb is included and gives a soft glow when switched on. It comes in a pink or green version. 

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Verdict: Best Kids' Lamps

Best for older kids, John Lewis’ mini-task lamp is functional, well-priced, safe for children, and the least likely to be outgrown. It comes in a dark blue and duck-egg blue version too.

For babies and toddlers, the Maisons du Monde cloud light is a cute little touch for the nursery that you can move around easily.

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