Teething can be a terrible time – ask any parent. The pain and discomfort can lead to sleepless nights, irritability and a desperate need to find some instant relief – and that’s just the parents.

But while there is no quick-fix and teething is a stage that every child must endure (often multiple times), equipping yourself with a few trusted toys and accessories can help to ease the burden.

Whether it’s a freezer-friendly accessory to soothe sore gums or a durable design that can withstand heavy chomping and chewing, we’ve found a product to suit all tastes – and teeth.

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Matchstick Monkey: £9.99, matchstickmonkey.com

This tiny little teething toy is a real Jack-of-all-trades as it soothes and massages sore gums but can also be used as a teething medication applicator.

The food-grade silicon from which it is made means it’s dishwasher safe (aka parent-friendly) and freezer compatible so you can keep him extra cool to aid the soothing effect. He’s super cute to boot.

The small, bendy limbs are perfect for chewing on and being able to curl and uncurl the tiny tail proved a welcome distraction. Monkey’s knobbly little head doubles up as a teething gel applicator and the rough edges provide relief for itchy young gums.

Our little tester was absolutely smitten with the monkey from the outset, dubbing it her “ooh ooh”, carrying it everywhere and even sleeping with it. Available in a range of eight different colours and two different designs.

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Rosa&Bo soft silicone teether: £10, Rosa&Bo

These cute characters feature a subtle flavour designed to stimulate young taste buds and get your child ready for brushing their teeth. Made of 100 per cent silicone, they are easy to clean (by hand or in a dishwasher) and their round edges are perfect for little hands to grip.

For older children, the characters are appealing – our tester took to rocking her Rosa to sleep at night after washing her in the bath and brushing her “teeth”. The pastel colours are soft and elegant and not garish like many baby toys. Available in two designs, Baby Rosa or Bo Bunny.

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Lara&Ollie teething jewellery: from £10.90, All By Mama

Teething jewellery is becoming increasingly popular with both mums and babies alike. Many new parents choose to stop wearing jewellery due to tiny grabbing fingers but these UK-made silicone accessories are designed to be tugged, pulled and chewed. The hexagonal-shaped beads and bangles are soothing on sore gums while the eye-catching colours appeal to and stimulate young eyes.

They also feature a breakaway safety clasp so grabbing hands can’t break them. For younger babies, the beads can be an invaluable distraction while bouncing them in your knee.

Designed to look nothing like a teething toy, the fashionable designs mean parents can feel a little glamorous or colourful without having to worry about broken jewellery or dangerous small accessories.

Available in a range of colours and designs that are built to last. These make great presents for new mums who might be feeling a bit overlooked amid the pile of presents just for baby.

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Dr Brown’s Coolees watermelon teether: £4.49, Central Medical Supplies

This range of Coolees teethers are designed to hold the cold and really soothe sore gums. Freezer safe, the BPA-free product can be stored in the freezer until required for use, meaning it stays extra cold and is more likely to relieve discomfort.

The products are designed to reach all areas of the jaw and help to relieve pressure in the mouth. The bright colours and cheerful designs will appeal to children of all ages and the price is extremely competitive.

Unlike many freezer-safe teethers, the Dr Brown range does not contain any kind of liquid or gel so you don’t have to worry about older children piercing the product with their new, sharp teeth.

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Gummee Glove: £11.99, Amazon

Aimed at early stage teethers (age three to six months) this one-stop-shop of teething products is fun and playful but also serves a multitude of purposes.

The glove itself will appeal to young chewers who can never keep their hands out of their mouths while the detachable teething ring will still serve them as they grow out of the mitten itself.

The crinkle patch and high contrast pattern and colours will stimulate your baby’ senses and the hard teethers on the edge of the mitten will soothe aching jaws and gums. The mitten is machine washable and comes with a little travel pouch for hygienic storage.

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Bumkins Nintendo Silicone Teether: £10.54, Amazon

This fun and friendly teething toy will appeal to parents of a certain age thanks to its Game Boy design.

The 100 per cent food grade silicone teether is easy to clean (dishwasher top shelf safe) and freezer friendly too for added relief and comfort.

With little bumps on the back of the "Game Boy", it’s perfect for massaging itchy or aching gums and can reach right to the back of the mouth. It also draws a lot of compliments from other parents...

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The Little Art Collection, Natural Wood Teether: £7.99, The Little Art Collection

For parents looking to cut down on their plastic consumption, these natural maple wood teethers provide an ideal alternative. The wood is hand-sealed with 100 per cent organic beeswax and coconut oil and the product also features cute detachable bamboo bunny ears.

The art-inspired prints will appeal to fashion-conscious parents too and if you remove the bamboo ears, the teething ring can be placed in a fridge or freezer for up to 30 minutes to aid the soothing effect.

The wood is wipe clean (and can be re-sealed as necessary with coconut oil) while the ears are machine-washable. Matching accessories – such as muslin squares – are available and each product comes with information about the artist who designed the print you choose, making them ideal gifts.

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Teething and Sensory Blocks, Balls and Buddies: £27.63, Amazon

This little bag of tricks will not only help soothe sore gums and aching jaws, but it will keep your little one amused for hours. Featuring eight balls, four animals and eight teething cubes, it really does cover all bases for teething relief and sensory stimulation.

The easy-to-catch balls and mix of different textures and colours are ideal for the development of the senses while the animals are ideal to chew on. For older children, the cubes can be helped to teach counting and colours.

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Sophie la Girafe teether: £15, JoJo Maman Bebe

This instantly recognisable teething toy remains unchanged since 1961. Sophie’s cheerful face will appeal to your child’s playful side while her easily-gripable body and extremely chewable limbs will mean they don’t want to put her down.

Made with natural materials and food grade colours, you don’t have to worry about what your little one is putting in their mouth and the subtle squeak when squeezed adds an extra layer of appeal.

The child-friendly but sophisticated design means you don’t have to welcome a garish plastic monstrosity into your home.

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Halia Rose Elephant Teether: £6.99, Haila Rose

These beautifully designed teething accessories are just a small part of the Halia Rose range which features stylish yet practical teething jewellery. Designed by mums, for mums, the whole range is made from sustainable and 100per cent non-toxic materials.

The gift boxes their products come in are also made of recycled material. The elephant teether has a very elegant appearance but practical features – such as raised bumps on the back to relieve sore or itchy gums and smooth, rounded edges for chewing.

Gift sets, starting from £12.50, are also available making these accessories a beautiful yet practical present for new parents.

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Indestructibles by Books and Pieces: three for £10, Books Pieces

These clever little baby books are a real revelation for parents. Suitable from birth to age six, they are not specifically a teething toy but have, as the name suggests, been designed to be indestructible – meaning children can bite, slobber on, chew and grind to their heart’s content without ever damaging the book.

Printed on 100 per cent non-toxic material, the books are fully waterproof so can be cleaned in the sink, bath or even washing machine and they are rip-proof so older children can’t even tear through them.

While the littlest teethers will simply enjoy having something to drool on, the older your child gets the more they can engage with the story itself helping them to develop their reading skills as well as identifying colours, numbers and objects.

Our tiny tester was very taken with the book itself, studying the pictures over and over, and couldn’t quite believe her luck when she didn’t have to put it down even at bath time.

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Gertie the Good Goose: £13.99, Gertie The Good Goose

Not dissimilar to Sophie la Girafe in appearance or appeal, Gertie the Good Goose is a 100 per cent natural rubber teether with a squeaky tummy and very chewable beak, tail feathers and feet.

Designed with tiny teethers in mind, this comforting toy is eye-catching and just the right size to latch on to from any angle. With a faint vanilla scent, this goose is just the right size for little hands to grip on to so is likely to become a fixture of family life long after the full set of teeth has pushed through.

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Cheeky Chomper MultiMuslin: £28.99, Cheeky Chompers

For parents looking to make as few purchases as possible in the wake of a new addition to the family, this clever teething accessory does six jobs in one.

The 100 per cent organic muslin serves as a nursing cover, pram cover, burp cloth, blanket and swaddle while the teething rings are detachable to be used as standalone toys.

While still attached, the friendly-looking hippo design teething rings act as clips to hold the breastfeeding cover, burp cloth or pram cover in place but once detached, they make ideal teething toys.

Curved edges appeal to little fingers and the cute hippo face is a real selling point. This is a product that really grows with your baby rather than a short-term teething solution.

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Hevea Kawan Teether: £14.95, Scandiborn

This non-toxic, natural rubber duck is designed to be both plastic and hole-free. The one-piece design has no squeaker, cracks or joints, which prevents the build-up of bacteria and mold. Kawan is from Malaysia, where his name means Friend.

The natural colours will appeal to your child’s senses while not offending yours. Kawan also features a patterned texture on his beak – making it ideal for massaging irritated gums.

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Jchews Moustache Teether: £9.50, Slumber Roo

For the hipster parent, this cute moustache design will fulfil all your Instagram needs. Part of a wider range of teething jewellery and accessories by Jellystone Designs, this suckable, tuggable, chewable teething toy is a funky way to soothe your mini-me while providing enough cute pictures to fill your 16GB camera roll.

BPA and toxin-free, this food grade silicon product is easy to wash by hand and features round, chewable edges.

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The Verdict: Best teething toys

For a teething toy that will appeal to all your child’s senses opt for the Matchstick Monkey – the bright, friendly colours will compliment your little one’s playful personality and the pocket-friendly price means you can afford to buy a back-up monkey jut in case your original goes missing.

For a toxin-free alternative to plastic toys, the wooden teething ring by The Little Art Company is a stylish product that won’t weigh heavy on your conscience.

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