A bullet blender is an essential kitchen tool when you want a smoothie in a hurry.

They’re designed to whizz up whole fruit, vegetables, ice, juice and milk to make a healthy and satisfying breakfast in seconds, but they also come in handy for smaller blending tasks such as grinding nuts, whipping frozen desserts, or making pesto too.

What’s the difference between a blender and a bullet blender, you may well ask. Well, if you flip the ingredient compartment upside-down, it’s a bullet.

Traditional blenders are good all-rounders for hot or cold soups, sauces and smoothies too, but bullets are often more powerful and aimed at the smoothie-to-go market with portable cups and re-sealable lids. If you like a quick health fix in the morning, you’d better take a bullet.

Look for a bullet blender that’s easy to clean or dishwasher safe, as sticky fruits and stubborn nuts can get caught around the blade. Not all bullets can blend ice or dry ingredients, so check your product’s engine speed and capacity depending on the kind of smoothie you’ll be making.

If blades are hand wash only, whizz lukewarm water with a drop of washing up liquid to clean the blades and cup in a few seconds.

Never immerse the blade unit fully in water as it could malfunction, and do not attempt to blend hot ingredients, because they create a vacuum seal and you won’t be able to undo it again!

Generally, bullet blenders are designed for short, powerful bursts, and they shouldn’t be used for more than 30 seconds to one minute at a time, otherwise they overheat.

Our testers took each blender for a spin with frozen and fresh fruit, as well as ice, kale, carrots, nuts and thicker shakes. They reviewed each blender according to ease of use and cleaning, noise levels and smoothie texture.

Here’s our roundup of the best bullet blenders.

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The verdict: Bullet blenders

The Salter NutriPro is our best buy as it’s reasonably priced with a strong motor and excellent blending. If you like to count your calories and power up on protein, splash out on the tech-savvy NutriBullet, or for ultimate smoothness and nutritional retention, get yourself a Nutri Ninja.

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