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9 best faux fur rugs

Sheepskin? Cowhide? You'd swear these rugs were the real thing

A fake fur rug can set off a room ( La Redoute )

An accent rug in faux fur can bring a timeless touch of warmth and luxury to hard or worn floors.

With all the depth and plushness of real animal skin without the cruelty a fake – or more fashionably “faux” –  fur floor rug is a great alternative for giving your home a touch of “chalet chic”.

Most are made of polyester fibres that imitate fur – look for a deep pile that isn’t uniform for a convincing copy. Just like the real thing, cheaper faux fur can shed over time.

Look for a rug that has some movement to the fibres but won’t come loose.

Mila Blush Rug: £38.50,

At 70 x 100cm, the Mila rug is small and best used by the bedside or in the kids’ room.

Like other rugs of a similar price, it’s made from acrylic but the one-way pile – rather than random tufts and swirls – gives it an authentic feel.

Laura Ashley now makes this favourite in new colours: charcoal, blush pink and hot pink, alongside the white and silver versions. 

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Wilderness Rug: from £124.99, Modern Rugs

This is a shaggy rug made from pure polyester. It’s not shaped to look like an animal skin but fibres of differing tints and colour variation keep it looking like real fur.

It comes in three, rectangular sizes and five colours. Go for the grey/black shades for a more natural look.

Plantation Rug Company offers samples for £2, if you want to try before you buy.

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OMUKA Faux Fur Rug In White: £103.50, Maisonsdumonde

The long fibres on this white faux fur rug flatten slightly, leaving the feeling of sinking your feet into it somewhat lacking.

It is 5cm deep, made in acrylic and comes in three sizes. A larger version works better at the foot of the bed, rather than as an accent.

The bright white colour gives away the fact it’s not natural though.

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Faux Fur Shaggy Half Moon Rug: £19,

This machine washable rug is small but practical. As well as ivory and silver versions, it also comes in a duck egg blue that makes a dramatic accent.

It’s made of an acrylic mix that feels soft and has a suitably long pile – the only thing that lets this budget rug down is the quality, compared to others.

It has a rounder shape which lends itself to the bedside and includes a latex anti slip back.

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Livio Mock Sheepskin Rug: £99,

Sheepskins are easy to imitate cheaply due their small size. La Redoute’s version costs almost as much as a real single skin – which typically fetch between £70 and £100 – but covers a larger area and is made in washable acrylic and polyester.

Its pile depth is 65mm, giving a plush feel and the kind of movement you would expect from wool or fur. It comes in white or grey.

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Winter Home Black Wolf Sheepskin Faux Fur Rug: £109,

Dark faux fur rugs aren’t easy to find but prove far more practical when it comes to dust and spills. 

This premium black rug recreates the thick and soft coat of the North American black wolf in acrylic and polyester.

The result looks and feels surprisingly like real fur. At 70x115cm though, it is on the pricey side for its size.

Winter Home does a range of cushions and throws to match. 

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Faux Fur Sheepskin Rug: £25,

You know something’s on trend when mainstream retailers start to offer it.

This single faux sheepskin – 95 x 65cm – is curiously called “dove grey”, but is actually a blend of warmer browns and creams, with convincing variation and patterning.

It’s not as practical as others: you’ll need an underlay for the polyester back to stop it moving around and it’s also dry-clean only.

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Plush Shaggy Rug In Sand: from £129,

One for larger spaces, this luxurious shaggy rug comes in a variety of shapes. It has the deepest pile on the list, at 70mm, and is incredibly weighty, to further imitate the feeling of real fur.

It’s 100 per cent polyester but deep, swirling tufts of fibres make it look as if it is made from a natural material.

You can have it made in a custom size too, albeit with a 12-16 week wait.

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Tejn Rug: £10, Ikea

A small budget rug that’s good for draping over chairs, a lovely accent to fireplaces, or as a floor mat in the nursery.

The perfect symmetry of Tejn is a slight giveaway it’s not a real sheepskin, but if you’re after the feel rather than the look, you won’t be disappointed.

A 65mm pile gives it the warmth and cosiness that’s expected.

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The Verdict: Best faux fur rugs

The Mila blush rug is popular for the quality of its soft feel. The pile looks convincing too, if it’s the natural look you are going for.

If not, the updated range of colours offer plenty of choice and potential new ways to use it as well.

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