A good mirror can make your daily routine a breeze. For beautifying in detail, a magnifying pedestal mirror is the best option, better still if it can be used in both bathroom and bedroom. Ones with integrated lighting that you control yourself are popular for makeup lovers who want a professional finish. These can be packed up and taken with you for getting ready elsewhere, too.

For a more general mirror to use every day, lightweight options that tilt easily are a good choice. These take up less space than heavier, traditional styles and can transform any piece of furniture or small space into a dressing area.

If you are a traditionalist, or like to see your reflection from all angles, a three-winged mirror gives you the scope you need. These are also the best setting for those who like to take time to pamper, rather than do their makeup and hair on the run.

Ikornnes Table Mirror: £20, Ikea

The flexibility of the Ikornnes mirror impresses most. It can be used as adjustable table mirror or a hanging mirror; the stand swings flat to form a small shelf while on the wall. It’s a generous size (27x40cm) compared to others in the same price range, and faired well when tested in the bathroom as well as bedroom. The pressed veneer frame is gently rounded and protects the mirror’s edges, making it easy to handle when cleaning or moving.

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Pimlico Dressing Table Mirror: £195, The White Company

The extra wide proportions of the Pimlico mirror (46x80cm) mean there’s plenty of room to see your reflection. It also has a slim base, leaving space on the table top for your cosmetics and accessories. It’s set in a simple white rectangular frame, and tilted at a fixed angle which may not suit those who like to adjust it for different needs. It’s designed to sit on a matching dressing table, which is priced at £395.

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Menu Gridy Me Mirror: £85, Nest

Danish design label Menu makes minimal accessories from high quality materials. This mirror is a simple plane of glass (34x25cm) that slots into an oak base that has been beautifully sanded for a smooth finish. There’s a choice of dark or light oak for the base, and both have been treated for use in the bathroom as well as on the dressing table. The round edged mirror is tilted at a fixed angle, and has a copper back to give interest from both sides.

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Josh Metal Tabletop Mirror: £7.75, Maisons du Monde

The Josh mirror is a good choice for smaller tables, shelves, ledges and the more ad-hoc places we use to dress. The low price reflects this mirror’s compact size (16x23cm), but still has a quality look and feel. The round edged mirror is set in a metal cage with a brass finish, and has a stand that tilts. If you share a bathroom, this mirror is light and easy to move around between rooms.

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Simplehuman Sensor Mirror With Brightness Control: £180, Amara

If you’re serious about makeup, the price of this hi-tech mirror won’t phase you. It’s specifically designed for beauty lovers, offering five times magnification and brightness that can be touch controlled. A sensor lights up the rim of the mirror automatically as you approach.

It’s rechargeable so there’s no cord to get in the way, and the angle of the mirror is adjustable. The 20cm-diameter size makes it suitable for more detailed reflection, and means it’s easily transported to wherever you are getting ready. It has a professional look and comes in four colours including rose gold and pink.

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Mala Table Mirror: £145, Feather & Black

This wood framed mirror has a solid and traditional feel. The thick frame and stand are made of rubberwood that has been stained a rich dark brown to look like a higher-quality wood such as mahogany or walnut. It’s a decent size (59x56cm), and you can tilt it to various angles. There’s a dressing table and stool in the matching range (£345 and £145), as well as larger items.

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Milton Oak Dressing Table Mirror: £99, Cotswold Co

This is a traditional style solid looking mirror with angled wings, and a thick oak and veneer frame to each of the three pieces. It’s realistically sized for modern living (55x51cm) and the 2cm depth leaves plenty of room on the table top. It’s designed to go with the Milton oak dressing table (£299), but would suit any oak furniture that you want to turn into a dressing table.

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RV Astley Vanessa Triple Mirror: £103.20, Houseology

Winged vanity mirrors are hard to find these days, with most of us having need or space for something smaller. If you can accommodate one, it brings a glamorous dimension to the bedroom and makes a pleasure of pampering. The Vanessa mirror by RV Astley has an antique style but isn’t overly fussy. Just a simple bevelled edge and flowing top profile that nod to an Art Deco feel.

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Rio 24 LED Touch Dimmable Makeup Mirror: £19.99, Argos

If you like the idea of a beauty mirror but don’t want to splash out, this product makes a good starting piece. The wings offer 2x and 3x magnification for detailed makeup and other tasks, and dimmable LED lights surround the main mirror. This lightweight plastic mirror is battery powered and foldable, making it easy to transport or store away. It’s small (28.5x18cm) but still useful.

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Blythe Vanity Mirror: £199, Heals

The Blythe mirror looks like a simple pedestal mirror at first glance, but close up you see it’s a well crafted piece in solid wood that will last. At 40cm in diameter it is much bigger than most others of its kind, and its simple style makes it the ideal piece for turning a wooden chest of drawers or another piece of furniture into a dressing table. You can tilt and fix the angle with a thumb turn screw at the back.

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The verdict: Dressing table mirrors

The Ikkornes mirror from IKEA is a good value piece that can serve several purposes. It’s suitable for the bathroom and bedroom, and is light and portable enough to move to different places if needed. Whether on the wall or table, it’s sized just right to be useful without taking up too much space.

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